'Love2Breathe' Cannula Breathing Tube Clamp (for 1/8" dia. tubing)
'Love2Breathe' Cannula Breathing Tube Clamp (for 1/8" dia. tubing)
'Love2Breathe' Cannula Breathing Tube Clamp (for 1/8" dia. tubing)
'Love2Breathe' Cannula Breathing Tube Clamp (for 1/8" dia. tubing)
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'Love2Breathe' Cannula Breathing Tube Clamp (for 1/8" dia. tubing)

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Eliminates Slipping - Sleep All Night!

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This is the only product of its kind.  We know, because Roger Love, the inventor, searched the world looking for something to hold his nasal cannula oxygen breathing tube in place.  Unable to find anything, he made his own.  Voila! 

Breathing tubes have a way of falling off, especially while you sleep.  The slider that  holds it in place doesn't lock.  Our new clamp corrects that problem!  It has a positive stop design, preventing the flow of oxygen from being cut off, while securely holding the tube in place.  You only get 'slack' when you want slack! 

You can sleep through the night with the 'Love2Breathe' clamp holding your cannula in place!  

JULY 2019 - we modified this to a 2-pack kit that includes a FREE 7' soft nasal cannula tube!  So many people were ordering 2 or more clamps, we just changed the offer to 2 clamps vs. 1. And, a few people were having trouble with the clamp fitting on their tube. We are enclosing an inexpensive, very popular & comfortable tube from Westmed.  You can buy more like it on Amazon ASIN: B0192504EU


 "I've had one for 18 months and it works great. I sleep with oxygen and run the cannula behind my head rather than under my chin. I just bought another one for my POC for when I travel. Thanks to Roger Love for inventing this item. It's well made (I'm an engineer also and I understand well made) and easy to use. Once positioned, you never have to adjust it again, ever. Forget the thoughtless low ratings and get this item, you will not be disappointed."   

-- Amazon Customer  October 25, 2019


"WHAT'S BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD?  .....this clip is! I was at my wits' end trying to keep a slider under my chin. No sooner had I pulled it up than it slid down which, of course, meant the oxygen was out of my nose and off my ear. I am so grateful for having found this indispensable item that I ordered two of them. One is used when I go out and have to schlep a tank and the other is used at night with my concentrator. I am also thankful that someone else had this problem and invented this product. Kudos to him. Now I do not have to worry about falling apart and not breathing so well. If you are in need of a helping hand with this problem, try it - you will love it also." 

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"Get it - This thing is REVOLUTIONARY!  Y'all this thing is a Life CHANGER. It keeps a good fit so you are not CONSTANTLY reaching up to fiddle with your oxygen mask! Love love LOVE this product! I bought one for my indoor home concentrator canula and one for my portable oxygen concentrator canula. Best money I have spent since I was diagnosed with COPD."

Enjoy our humerous explanation of the L2B clamp!