FlexTIP FIRM - Replacement Tip for Walking Canes.

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Our new spring for the regular FlexTIP should make the need for the Firm version un-necessary.  If you have any issues with the regular version, please call or email us.

 This tip is like our regular FlexTIP for walking canes except that the spring is very durable, designed for people who consistently walk while putting a great deal of pressure on their cane, generally, >50 lbs. The spring is much stiffer and much more durable - We haven't had one break, yet    Fits Std. 3.4" OD hollow walking canes.

  • Flexible Spring Design
  • Omni-directional Pivot Action
  • 'Lazy Susan' Design - Allows cane handle to rotate while tip remains stationary. 
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Enhances Stability
  • Reduces Pain from Cane Impact to Ground