Super Brite Mini 'J5Tactical Flashlight' 250 lumens

The FlexSTICK Company

Type: Flashlight

250 Lumen Mini 'J5 Tactical Flashlight' - includes attaching clip & AA battery.  Attaches to the FlexSTICK, other canes, walkers, wheelchairs, bicycles, etc.

See & Be Safe!

  • Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Convex Lens Lamp
  • Super mini size, bright, blinding effect
  • Specially designed handle ensures an anti-slip grip
  • Output bright 250 lumens (MAX)
  • LED bulbs, producing super bright light
  • Attached with a convenient clip for added portability
  • Super high-grade aluminum alloy casing, solid and durable
  • Intelligent high/low/strobe mode cycling
  • Regulated circuit for maximum output
  • Hunter Orange On/Off Button

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