FlexTIP-TLC - Premier Three Leg Cane

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FlexTIP-TLC includes cane + FlexBRITE LED Flashlight  - True Free Standing Design!


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Our Premier Cane is the 'state-of-the-art' FlexTIP-TLC giving you the most stable and comfortable single point cane available.  The TLC is a TRUE Free Standing cane providing you:

  • STABILITY - 3 Points of Contact that adjust to whatever terrain you are on!
  • COMFORT - Shock Absorption cushions you from repeated impact to the ground.
  • FlexBRITE - Our shockproof, waterproof 150 lumen LED Flashlight

The FlexTIP-TLC's SHOCK ABSORPTION keeps the repetitive cane strike of the ground from transmitting into your hand preventing pain often experienced with other rigid canes.  PLUS - FlexTIP-TLC has a universal pivot allowing you full flexibility in all directions. Working like your ankle keeps your foot flat on the ground the FlexTIP-TLC maintains FULL CONTACT with the walking surface giving you the most secure and STABLE grip available with a single point tip cane.  Replaces regular single point canes and the horribly clumsy quad cane.

Each cane has ten (10) adjustment holes for height adjustment from 30" to 39" long.  Each cane features a soft foam handle providing extra COMFORT while insulating your hand from the heat & cold.  FREE SHIPPING!