Medicare Info

The FlexSTICK is coded for Medicare reimbursement using the HCPCS code, E0105. To print the Medicare Reimbursement Form, click HERE.


Navigating the Medicare Reimbursement Process

Reimbursements for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) such as the FlexSTICK, vary by area. If you live inside a Competitive Bidding Area (CBA) for Canes & Crutches, CMS will require you to purchase your product through a local supplier.   Most people do not live inside of a CBA at this time. 

To determine if your address is outside of a CBA and possibly available for CMS reimbursement, Click this  LINK and enter your zip code.  Look for the category 'Canes & Crutches' under the Non-Competitive Bid Categories.  We do not file for Medicare Reimbursement on your behalf.

To get your FlexSTICK and apply for reimbursement from Medicare, you should:

  1. Purchase your FlexSTICK from us, then
  2. Mail a copy of your (1) receipt from us, with your (2) doctor's prescription and the (3) CMS Reimbursement Form to the proper address on the Form. 

Please do not send your Prescription to us.     FlexSTICK HCPCS code:  E0105

According to the CMS (Medicare) website: "The Competitive Bidding Program has special protections to make sure you get the specific types of medical equipment you need to protect your health. If you need a specific brand of equipment or supplies, or you need an item in a specific form, your doctor must prescribe it in writing. Your doctor must also document in your medical record that you need this specific item or brand of supply for medical reasons. In these situations, a Medicare contract supplier is required to do one of these: 

  • Give you the exact brand or form of item you need.
  • Help you find another contract supplier that offers that brand or form.
  • Work with your doctor to find another brand or form that’s “safe and effective for you."

Other Insurance Coverage & Plans

Many medical insurance plans reimburse their members for the FlexSTICK.  You will need to contact them and give them the HCPCS Code: E0105 to identify what type of walking cane you need.  Most insurance companies will want a copy of a physicians prescription in order to process your claim.