FlexSTICK Info

The FlexSTICK walking cane uses a revolutionary design to provide you with unmatched STABILITY, COMFORT, and CONVENIENCE that other highly advertised gimmicky canes fail to provide. The FlexSTICK has three shock absorbing legs that expand and contract as the cane tilts with walking and as the ground surface changes maintaining constant ground contact with all three legs. The FlexSTICK comes with our NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO PAGE! The FlexSTICK is American ingenuity at its finest—with our revolutionary cushioned design - providing the dynamic stability and amazing comfort that traditional style or other gimmicky walking canes fail to offer. We developed three independently functioning flexible legs to give you constant ground contact on most every walking surface. Each leg adjusts to variations of common surfaces such as brick, stone, grass, uneven or cracked pavement, gravel, and rough dirt terrain, allowing you to remain confident in your stability and balance. The FlexSTICK was designed by a physical therapist, with you in mind:

  • Stability On Any Surface
  • Truly Free Standing Design
  • Reduce or Eliminate Cane Related Pain
  • Several Stylish Colors Options
  • Clip-on LED Flashlight
  • FREE Shipping (US Locations only) CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!


Our unique design maintains three constant points of contact with most any surface and features a spring-loaded, shock-absorbing leg system that allows the FlexSTICK to adjust to the changing angle of the cane while walking. Our design helps you maintain stability and comfort to begin walking with confidence. We invite you to TRY the FlexSTICK and to discover the difference our revolutionary new walking cane can make in your life!


The FlexSTICK GUARANTEE: We are confident you will absolutely love your FlexSTICK. If, for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will refund the full purchase price, no questions asked. We are an American company and an American product, and we stand behind each FlexSTICK we make. See Our 'Risk Free' Guarantee - CLICK HERE!


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