The FlexTIP cane has been a true God send to me.  It allows me great FlexTIP walking cane customermobility with my broken ankle, knowing that I will always have a secure footing.  I am on the speaker circuit, and the cane allows me to let it go while talking...and then easily retrieve it when I need it.   I find it very comfortable to use as well.  Wonderful piece of equipment.

Rick Lynch, Lieutenant General US Army (retired) - Central, TX

FlexSTICK walking Cane HawaiiWhen I take my walks on the side of the Puu Waawaa Volcano, my FlexSTICK keeps me steady even when the  road is hilly & steep!

 Liz W, Kailua Kona , Hawaii

Finding this product on line, has proven to me, to be almost a Blessing from God.  Nothing I have done, has really changed.  But since I have been using the FlexSTICK for daily use, I get all the support I need to take stress off my knees going up and down steep steps. This product is solidly built, quality and high functional. The  best way to give you an overall assessment in terms of what it can do, is tell you it is the closest thing to a AWD cane that is possible.  With it, I can walk in bad weather and not slip, climb up grades, and the stability of the spread out tripod feet are an engineering marvel in terms of  function.

Leroi Spangler, Pittsburgh, PA

I just received my FlexSTICK this morning. This thing is fantastic! I've already given out two brochures and business cards to a couple of interested friends at work so expect more orders from western Montana. If I could only say one thing about my FlexSTICK it would be that I can tell someone very intelligent put a lot of thought into its design; simple, immensely practical, and no useless gimmicks. My guess would be that the primary designer uses a cane themselves and knows about the pitfalls and annoyances that plague other canes. Before my new FlexSTICK arrived I used a Hurrycane... it rarely stood up on its own. I would lean it against a wall, desk, etc. It has been a running joke at work in that whenever the Hurrycane cane would fall over, a friend would try to get it for me, and I would stop them, thank them and say "Don't worry about it. It falls five times a day so I only pick it up off the floor when I need to use it."

I also ordered the extra flashlight to go along with the one already on the FlexSTICK. Now I can not only illuminate the area out in front of me but also the ground below just in front of my feet. I would have a hard time going back to any other cane in my collection even if it's only temporary.

Thank you for designing and selling the best and most practical cane available. FlexSTICK would be a bargain at twice the price!                  

Eric Aston, Missoula, MT

CRPS FlexSTICK Walking CaneThis walking cane changed my life! I have a crippling condition known as CRPS that started in my left foot and now affects my entire left leg. I have used regular canes in the past and I support a lot of my weight onto my right side which hurts my arm and shoulders and was not stable. With this walking cane, both problems are solved. The pain disappears because the springs in the legs absorb the shock of the impact and the stability of three pronged legs containing strong springs on the ground is excellent. I am very hard on canes and this one is tough! Really strong and durable materials. There is nothing cheap or low quality about this cane either. I don't ever give five stars, but there is nothing I can find wrong with this walking cane. I love the clip-on flashlight!  Check our CRPS Support Group on Facebook.     
 Rich Garcia, Grapevine, TX

After three major back surgeries, my 82 year-old dad has very little mobility and a tremendous fear of falling. What little walking he did was with an old cane that belonged to his father. When I came across the FlexSTICK, I knew I had found something unique and ordered one for him. Since it arrived six months ago, Dad has not taken a step without it. He now is able to walk outside and has even conquered stairs. The FlexSTICK is an amazing device that anyone needing a cane should have. If you’re thinking about purchasing one – stop thinking and buy it. It will improve your or your loved one’s quality of life. I’ve seen it happen! Thank you for giving my dad the gift of mobility and confidence. We are grateful for your design, your company and your customer service!

Nancy, Binghamton, NY

At the recommendation of two people, I purchased that other ‘all-terrain cane’ and returned it withiFlexSTICK walking cane in Maui, HIn a couple of days. It fell over, hurt my wrist and I was not confident when walking with it.  Then, I happily ‘stumbled’ onto the FlexSTICK website! It is sturdy, helps me walk with a more normal gait, and is easier on my spine, wrist and knees. Plus, it doesn’t tip over easily, is quiet, and looks “classy!” I even purchased the two additional colors (‘the Fashionista Kit’). And, while it is not “cheap,” it is WELL WORTH the price for its comfort, use and style!   I love my “FlexSTICK and I love to take my dog, Dukie, on walks with it!”                                 ........... Dukie's Mom, Maui, Hawaii


During rehabilitation after major back surgery, I’ve been using the FlexSTICK now for about a year and am very happy with it. I’m impressed with the adaptability of the “flex” legs to various surfaces, and with the overall durability of the product. The detachable flashlight even comes in handy for reading in dimly lit places. Customer service has been prompt and courteous, and I’ve recommended the FlexSTICK more than once. It’s simply a great product.


Vince Mariconda, Middle Island, NY

I bought a FlexSTICK for my Mom who had fallen and required hip surgery. She is transitioning from a walker to the FlexSTICK and loves her new present. Her major comments are that the springs ‘give’ just the right amount, it stands up by itself, the color is beautiful (pewter), and the flashlight is a great add-on. She is so grateful to be confident again while walking with her new FlexSTICK, and we are grateful to The FlexSTICK Company for designing and selling such a fantastic product. Highly recommend!!

David Huff, Colleyville, TX

This cane is amazing! Walking is so much easier and with a gait that is much closer to normal than with other canes I’ve tried. My wrist does not get sore with use as it did with other canes. Also, the FlexSTICK stands better than any of the other canes I’ve tried. I was hesitant to spend $90 on a cane, however, it has been worth every penny. Customer service is phenomenal. Got the dusty rose and it looks as good as it works. Go for it. You won’t regret it.

Cheryl B, Arvada, CO

I purchased the FlexSTICK for my father-in-law for his birthday. My father-in-law is one TOUGH customer, who believes that a product should be everything that it claims to be. If there was a weakness to be found, he could and would do it!
He not only likes it better than the ‘clunky’ cane he had, but loves the attention that he gets from people asking him questions about the FlexSTICK's unique design.  He’s become the spokesman in this area for your product!!!

Jack Nicholas, Stratford, CT

I have used the FlexSTICK for quite a few months. I was accustomed to using a quad cane, but after using the FlexSTICK, I do not experience as much pain. With the quad cane, whenever I went to bed, I felt pain in my knee/thigh area; and, despite taking pain pills, I got no relief. Since I started using the FlexSTICK, I do not experience any of the pain I had previously felt upon being in bed! This proves to me that the FlexSTICK does reduce strain on the body.

Helen Powell, Delaware City, Delaware


I am 6’3″, weigh 311 pounds, and am 63 years old. After 31 years as a Patrol Commander, Chief of Detectives and Chief of Narcotics, I had to have a total knee replacement on both knees. After four years, I still have pain in both knees and balance problems. I often fell when my single tip cane would find a spot of water on the floor. When you have a $19,000.00 titanium part in each knee, you don’t think about anything but falling.
I have never endorsed any product in my life, but this one is too good. It takes two or three days to get accustomed to it, but the FlexSTICK is like “reinventing the wheel.” This is the answer. I use my Schwinn Airdyne and my FlexSTICK every day and will for the rest of my life. I’ve sent FlexSTICK’s website to all of my friends who had “misspent” lives chasing crooks and kicking down doors.
P.S. I spoke to the Founder/C.E.O Jamie Jordan. He is genuinely interested in your quality of life.

Kerry M. Davis, New Iberia, Louisiana

 Twenty years ago, I sustained a catastrophic injury at age 17 and I’m left permanently disabled. I’ve seen more specialists & undergone more surgeries than I care to count.

I’ve used wheelchairs, crutches, canes, rolling walkers and nothing seemed to help. I was close to sitting down in a wheelchair for good, but convinced myself to do a little more research. I came across the FlexSTICK and called to discuss MY specific needs. Still, I remained skeptical and thought this would be just another device I’d be “ruling out.” When I received the FlexSTICK, I immediately felt the difference—it’s almost as if the FlexSTICK was made especially for me!

The flexSTICK provides balance and prevents the soreness to my feet and my whole 6’3″- 220lb. frame. The pain that I experienced when using other canes and its impact is absorbed into the suspension system. The flexSTICK is the assistive walking device for me. And, this device that keeps me on MY feet, also stays on ITS feet – What a concept! Thank you!

Michael M., Jacksonville, FL

 This cane has changed the way I walk for the better. My gait is much more natural, and I now stand up much straighter. Until I used it, I did not realize how useful the free standing feature was. Now I can stop walking, let go of the cane, and have two hands free to do whatever I want.

I laughed when I first saw the flashlight. Now I don’t laugh; I use it. I don’t have to remember to leave lights on when I am getting ready to go to bed. The light is bright and the glow in the dark button is ideal for finding the cane when I wake up in the night. Had occasion to speak to their customer representative, and he was friendly and helpful. Several people who had other brands of three legged canes have noticed mine was different and all said the FlexSTICK was a better product.

Best gift my kids ever gave me!

Stuart Doling, Sunrise, FL


Love, love, love my FlexSTICK cane! I am balanced-challenged and was extremely concerned about falling when out walking my dog. The security gained with the Christmas present last year of a gold FlexSTICK cane means that Rosie and I walk many miles together with much less fear of falling. I have put many miles on it and have just now ordered a new black one as backup and for a change. People stop me in the supermarket to comment on my cane and flashlight and I tell them where they can order one. I am tempted to make copies of the business cards that come with each purchase so I can pass them out freely to folks asking me about my cane. [We’re sending Penny some extra cards to pass out!]

I am deeply indebted to Diane Corcoran who first introduced me to the FlexSTICK. I was amazed at how light hers was—a major factor when taking a long walk.

Penelope Strandberg, Rougemont, NC

 I am a singer/songwriter/comedian/motivational speaker/disability advocate/wheelchair user AND a FlexSTICK user! I had always used a standard walking cane to move short distances (to and from the front/back of my vehicle, moving around tight spaces in performance areas, etc.) What was always missing for me in those situations was the feeling of stability when using the standard walking cane…The FlexSTICK has changed all of that!….The grip causes far less fatigue in my hand and wrist and the three points of contact and independent springs quite honestly, just makes it easier to navigate and transition to different terrain and logistical situations. I love the look of my FlexSTICK and the fact that when I stand it up somewhere it doesn’t topple over! There is a bit of a learning curve for using the FlexSTICK but, once you get the hang of it your movement just seems to be much more natural! In a nutshell for me….”FlexSTICK….The CANE that makes me ABLE!”

B.J. Davis, Holts Summit, MO

I have inter-cranial hypertension or pseudo-tumor cerebri (PTC). Balance became a foreign concept to me. I had to use a walker, cane (normal and quad style) and wheelchair, depending on what I was doing. I was lucky that my “trainer cane” had a pretty sunflower fabric (but highly ergonomic) clear green handle. But that one did see its share of single-tip slips, so when my husband excitedly handed me a FlexSTICK brochure, I was eager to try one out. We ordered the next day. I WILL NEVER GO BACK! It’s been the ONLY device (knock on wood) that I have used since! No walker, no wheelchair…nada! It kept me from face-plants and pain-in-the-rear falls on most any terrain. And Jamie Jordan, one of the geniuses of this marvelous product, answers phones and e-mails! This company ROCKS, as does the FlexSTICK!

Now I never leave home without my “silver-scaled purple dragon” (I see it as my “protective dragon”) or business cards from FlexSTICK, with my name on them as a referral!

Jenn Prescott, Centennial, CO.

I am a retired physical therapist, and have become a huge fan of the FlexSTICK. My friend Norm and I took a Holland America cruise recently. We hit some very rough weather one day, making it impossible to walk on the ship – that is, impossible for everyone but Norm! The FlexSTICK adjusted to the pitch & roll of the ship, giving Norm the balance he needed while the rest of us staggered along like drunks. The FlexSTICK is an amazing product and is a MUST on a cruise!

Sylvia Mills - RPT, Mesa, AZ

I found a brochure for the FlexSTICK in Pueblo, Co. at my knee surgeon’s office, went home and ordered. When my FlexSTICK arrived, I practiced with it for a few hours and was totally hooked! The shock absorption on the legs has reduced my shoulder pain that was so intense before that I couldn’t knit, and it helped me steady myself on all types of surfaces. My FlexSTICK has helped me walk up flights of stairs that I couldn’t walk up before, and helped me to hike the Rocky Mountains, where I have crossed streams on top of fallen trees and up rocky trails that I would NEVER trust with a single point cane.

I now own 3 different colors and enjoy exchanging them out to match my wardrobe for special occasions. I can’t thank the FlexSTICK Company enough for their service and dedication. What a blessing you are…THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Mary Jo Love, Colorado Springs, CO

Even though she’s only 52 years old, my sister, Jennifer, has been using a walker for many years due to RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) pain in her legs. After getting acupuncture treatment, her pain levels were reduced and she wanted to get off the walker so she could begin to walk ‘normal’ again.

We researched canes and came across the FlexSTICK. Well, to make a long story short, the results have been amazing for her! It’s given her great stability and the balance that she needs to be confident as she walks again without the walker. Her progress with it has been rapid!

In short, we simply can’t say enough good things about this cane and the FlexSTICK Company. They go out of their way to not only make a great product, but give great service too! We recommend the FlexSTICK without reservation, and wish we could tell the whole world about it!

Melissa R.B., Denver, CO

I recently took my new FlexSTICK on a European river cruise. The weather was terrible, with snow, ice, rain and very rough walking surfaces. This cane was a champ on all surfaces providing a safer foundation, better balance and decreasing the risk of falls. This cane is wonderful!”             .

Diane Corcoran, PH.D, Raleigh, NC

To buy a product today where you pick up the phone, actually have a PERSON answer it, and be able to ask any question—then to have it delivered to your door in days, is a rare thing! The absolute best was when I went to physical therapy with my new cane, and ALL the therapists gathered ‘round and lined up to see it. Some took it apart, saying “Wow, this had to be designed by a therapist. It is incredible!”

Paula Wilson, Dallas, TX

I’ve used my FlexSTICK for a couple of weeks now, and all I can say is WOW! I have severe RA, and the FlexSTICK’s light weight and spring action take away so much of the stress of using a cane, I didn’t even realize how much stress my old cane was adding to my cane arm and joints! This is amazing!!

Billie Comeaux, San Marcos, TX

Cerebral Palsey FlexSTICKsI have used forearm crutches virtually my whole life because of my Spastic Displegia Cerebral Palsy. Beginning about 10 years ago, it became a struggle to walk, because of my shoulder pain. It has gotten worse as time has passed. Since I have been using my new purple FlexSTICK, my pain level when walking and standing is greatly reduced. The shock absorption is SO helpful to me!                              Davi Rae, Euless, TX