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The idea for the FlexSTICK was born out of frustration.

Randy Misenheimer, a physical therapist with +30 years of rehab experience, repeatedly witnessed his patients' fall rate increase immediately upon  'graduating' from a single point cane to a quad cane.  The 'more stable' quad cane wasn't.  In fact, it was inherently UNSTABLE when the user walked.  And, isn't that the point?  They are called 'walking canes', not 'standing canes'.  Randy wanted his patients to Walk Better & Live Better.    

Randy shared his frustration with Jamie Jordan, an Industrial Salesman, experienced in Engineered Solutions for various Products in Motion.  They also teamed with co-Founder, Simon Chen.  Simon's strength was Mechanical Engineering and Product Development.  Together, they have focused on engineered solutions from the user's point of view to solve real problems - to help people walk & live better. 

Jamie holds an engineering degree from Texas A&M University and Simon is trained in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering with a degree from the University of Missouri.  The FlexSTICK Company is a user focused Engineered Solutions company.  We are NOT a 'marketing company'. We design products to solve real issues testing with users.  We have never 'test marketed' a product.  When we complete the design process, we move to production and offer it 'For Sale'.  We are not against good marketing, in fact, we love it.  But, it is not our 'forte'.  Hopefully, we are getting better at that, too! 

We developed our FlexTIP Family utilizing our expanded understanding of the problems users have with standard walking canes.  We began selling the 'Love2Breathe' cannula oxygen tube clamp working with the inventor, Roger Love.  Roger is a user of O2 breathing tubes and designed his clamp out of frustration with standard breathing tubes. As the 'Love2Breathe' clamp solves a very real problem, it fit well in our product line to help folks Live Better!

  We are humbled by the many sincere thanks we have received from customers whose lives have been touched and improved by our invention.  And, we are inspired by these positive responses and drives us to do more to create ways to help people move about their world better!   We enthusiastically welcome your input, questions and suggestions.  Feel free to call or email us!  CLICK the Presentation to the left & use your cursor keys to see an overview of the company.

  We love to get testimonials and pictures of our customers showing off their FlexSTICKs in their homes or on their travels.  Feel free to email them to us, or post them on our Facebook Page!

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