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  Traditional walking canes and the Rigid Problem

For centuries, the walking cane has been a part of the European and American landscape, making its debut as an enhancement to the dapper man’s wardrobe. Of course, the walking stick (from which it originated), has been used throughout time to aid with support and balance. Whether it’s been utilized as the fashionable “walking cane” or serves as a means of increasing stability, not much about the mechanics of the cane has changed over time. Until now…

Much about the traditional walking cane, with its original RIGID concept and design, has remained unchanged over time. The result of this conventional construction can offset the benefits and purpose of using a cane, and can exacerbate an already uncomfortable condition.

Single point canes and quad canes present some of the following issues:

               • Instability

               • Inconvenience

               • Potential Slippage (loose or wet surfaces)

               • Rigid Design (which may potentially increase pain)

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Our Flexible Solution  

INTRODUCING….The flexSTICK—a revolutionary cane design, providing dynamic stability and amazing comfort. With its three flexible legs, you are able to maintain constant ground contact with a variety of surfaces. Our unique design features a spring-loaded, shock absorbing leg system that allows the flexSTICK to adjust to different angles of the cane, helping you maintain stability, confidence and comfort.

The flexSTICK is available with two spring choices: 'Regular' and ‘Firm'.  See our BLOG on SPRING CHOICES for which is best for you.

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