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“This tip has saved me numerous falls and I can't find a better tip anywhere.”     ------  Robert L – Aurora, IL  January 21, 2019

"After much research I bought this cane for my husband who has stroke related balance issues. It securely grips uneven surfaces and is stable even at awkward angles. My husband loves it. I bought one for my mom and now her neighbor wants one... it is lightweight, easily adjustable and looks elegant. I highly recommend this product!"  

---- Glenny, verified purchase on Amazon

FlexTIP walking cane foot without ankle Life is Short...Don't Make it Shorter, Get Your Loved One a FlexTIP!

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This revolutionary, state-of-the-art design in walking cane tips mimics the way your ankles work, keeping your cane tip flat on the ground, like your feet, providing the most STABLE, most COMFORTABLE tip ever made.  Now Available in 4 Styles!  

STABILITY - Traditional cane tips have good traction on the ground surface when it is standing straight up, but, once the cane angle tilts slightly, it loses its grip as the surface of the tip pulls away from the ground.  The FlexTIP 'flexes' like your ankle, to keep the bottom of the tip in FULL CONTACT with the ground.  And, this new design pivots in all directions giving you full flexibility over 360˚

COMFORT - Not only does this new tip bend & flex, the spring absorbs the force of the cane strike on the ground preventing that force from traveling up your hand in to your arm reducing or eliminating the pain often accompanied by repeated cane use.  

People buy those awkward, clumsy quad-canes because they 'feel' stable when you lean on one on a flat surface.   However, once you begin moving, as in 'walking' with your walking cane, the stability of quad canes goes out the window. Now you have the edge of a tip in contact with the ground with three feet protruding in the air just waiting to catch on something causing you to trip and fall.  Our FlexTIP does exactly what you want and need it to do:  Maintain full contact with the ground surface while also pivoting and turning AND absorbing the impact of the ground strike.  No other cane provides you with the grip, stability and comfort like the FlexTIP Cane - Get one and Walk Better!

Fits All Standard Metal Walking Canes!  

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Overview of Our Walking Solutions!

December 10, 2018

"Our FlexTIP Family offers the best ‘state-of-the-art’ technology in a variety of base configurations to help with virtually any condition.  And, they fit most every standard ¾” diameter walking cane, enabling even an old wooden stick cane to be upgraded to the best modern standard!" Continue Reading
Introducing the FlexTIP!

December 11, 2016

Our feet are able to articulate to remain flat on the ground surface because our ankles enable them to adjust as we move about our... Continue Reading