Tip for Hiking / Trekking / Walking Sticks & Poles

FlexTREKer - Anti-Shock Replacement Tip for 11mm Tapered Poles

We have adapted our flexible walking cane tips to work on hiking / trekking poles. These tips provide a huge level of COMFORT & STABILITY to your hike or your exercise. 

COMFORT - You get a double-layer of shock protection from the coiled spring in the FlexTREKer and from the flexible rubber tips that 'bend like toes' to soften the 'strike' against the ground.

STABILITY - FlexTREKer gives your stick an 'ankle-like' function bending and flexing with both the angle of the stick and the irregularities in the trail. 

Protect your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulder & back from the repetitive pounding. Buy your FlexTREKers today and Walk Better / Hike Better / Live Better!