Spacers - Modify the 'Feel' of the Springs

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Ten (10) spacers now come with each FlexSTICK order. The feel of the FlexSTICK with no spacers added is considered 'soft'. 1 spacer = regular. 2 = firm, 3 = extra firm. It is possible to put as many as five (5) spacers in each leg, however, that makes the springs in the legs very tight. To install spacers, unscrew the black leg body from the base, remove the spring. Hold the base inverted (legs pointing up) and add 1, 2 or 3 spacers to the ID of the male thread on the base. Re-insert the spring and screw the leg body back on. Repeat action with each leg.

** Each FlexSTICK is shipped with this set of spacers.  Order this set to replace worn spacers or add more stiffness.  Maximum capacity per leg is 5 spacers - which is Super Firm, btw!