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Flexible Tripod Tip for 3/4" (19 mm) Walking Canes - Shock Absorbing / Pivots 360˚ 

IF YOU WALK LONG DISTANCES, THIS MAY BE THE TIP FOR YOU! The TLC-Mini is a rubber tripod with a 3" footprint, tip to tip distance.  This tip is pliable & very forgiving of  rocks, edges  and otherwise uneven surfaces, providing expanded grip over the standard TIP.  It will can stand on flat even surfaces, if you want a true Free Standing cane, see the FlexTIP-TLC.

STABILITY - The FlexTIP-TLC articulates 360˚ in all directions, keeping the bottom of the tip flat on the walking surface as the angle of the cane changes. This is the ONLY tip that provides BOTH shock absorption and full articulation. Fits all standard 3/4" shaft walking canes.

 COMFORT - The FlexTIP-TLC-Mini's shock absorption alleviates pain in the hand, wrist, arm & shoulder caused by the repetitive impact of the cane striking the ground, while also giving you significantly increased stability as the tip constantly adjusts to the ground and cane tilting.   Adds 1.25" to the length of your cane. Weighs 4.6 ounces