FlexSTICK replacement feet tips
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FlexSTICK Replacement Feet/Tips - Package of 6

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Our rubber tips for the FlexSTICK wear really well!  However, if you walk a lot, you may want to get an extra set. We offer a package of a half-dozen (6) for $12.  This tip size is not easy to find in stores, so, if you need them, you'll probably need to get them from us.

Depending on the type of terrain you walk on, how much you walk and how much weight is put on the FlexSTICK all affects tip life. Also,the tips can pull off if they are wedged underneath something such as a rock, root, or curb. hick mud or slushy snow can also pull them off.  If you do a lot of walking in these conditions, it may benefit you to glue the tips on.  We have used Loctite Super Glue Gel and found it keeps the tips on in all type of conditions.  Put a small bead around the ID of the tip and slide it on the leg/plunger with a slight twist to spread the glue out evenly.