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“This tip has saved me numerous falls and I can't find a better tip anywhere.”     ------  Robert L – Aurora, IL  January 21, 2019

"After much research I bought this cane for my husband who has stroke related balance issues. It securely grips uneven surfaces and is stable even at awkward angles. My husband loves it. I bought one for my mom and now her neighbor wants one... it is lightweight, easily adjustable and looks elegant. I highly recommend this product!"  

---- Glenny, verified purchase on Amazon

FlexTIP walking cane foot without ankle 

Life is Short...Don't Make it Shorter, Get Your Loved One a FlexTIP!

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old cane


New style canes claim to 'solve the problem', but are more 'hype' than solution. 

 FlexTIPs are designed to provide DYNAMIC STABILITY - stable while walking

FlexTIP walking cane freedom of movementCOMFORT + STABILITY + CONFIDENCE so you can:

COMPRESSES + BENDS + TURNS giving you . . . 




"I needed something to stabilize my cane when I rise from a sitting position or as I walk. FlexTIP-Walking Care Replacement Tip is perfect for me! As I rise from a seating position, I put weight on the cane,. This ensures that the cane will not slide. As I walk, I am able to put pressure on the tip which gives a bouncy spring action and this helps with my mobility. Love it! Have recommended this to others!"

Fits All Standard Metal Walking Canes!  

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