HurryCane ... FlexSTICK...What's the Difference?

Would the real 'stand alone' cane ...PLEASE stand up? You’ve seen the commercials—HurryCane® users gleefully using their new walking cane product. By all appearances, independence has been restored and the issues associated with conventional cane use have been rectified and resolved. However, upon reading the HurryCane® reviews, you might discover that there’s not all that much satisfaction with the product to be found.  Stability With almost double the width of the HurryCane’s footprint size, the FlexSTICK™ provides superb stability on any number of uneven ground surfaces, with each leg independently contracting and expanding to variations in points of contact. FlexSTICK’s...

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Avoiding Falls on Ice & Snow!

Avoiding falls should be a mindset we follow in any season.  However, the grip of winter can be relentless as it wraps the landscape in blankets of snow for days, weeks or months on end.  Nature’s icy coverings causes all of us to lose our grip at times as we attempt to navigate across various forms of frozen H2O.   These mishaps result in varying degrees of bumps, bruises, broken bones. Even death can result from a slip on the ice.  Everyone suffers from balance loss in slippery conditions.  As such, it is a very good idea to use something to...

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PIFS - Pride Induced Fall Syndrome?

aging fall prevention mobillity walking

Gravity ...                   keeps us grounded. Just imagine if gravity disappeared - we would have the ultimate in fall prevention and say 'goodbye’ to all the pain, injury and deaths caused by them. But on the other hand, without gravity, everything would float and we’d have no fascination for balloons, airplanes or dropped passes in football games.                                                              ...

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Keep Moving & Stay Young!

aging mobillity walking

USE IT OR LOSE IT - Maintaining Mobility Even When It Hurts.      Granddaddy Born 1912 / Great Great Grandson Born 2012 When ‘Granddaddy’passed away, his was the happiest funeral I’d ever attended as he died happy, healthy and ready to go home! Until months before his passing, my 100 year old Granddaddy cooked his own meals and raised most of his food, gardening over an acre in size. When Granddaddy wasn’t plowing, hoeing, planting or harvesting, he was cutting trees and splitting wood. At about ninety years old, he got a little careless and flipped his riding lawnmower while on the...

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