HurryCane ... FlexSTICK...What's the Difference?

Would the real 'stand alone' cane ...PLEASE stand up?

You’ve seen the commercials—HurryCane® users gleefully using their new walking cane product. By all appearances, independence has been restored and FlexSTICK stands, HurryCane fallsthe issues associated with conventional cane use have been rectified and resolved. However, upon reading the HurryCane® reviews, you might discover that there’s not all that much satisfaction with the product to be found.


With almost double the width of the HurryCane’s footprint size, the FlexSTICK™ provides superb stability on any number of uneven ground surfaces, with each leg independently contracting and expanding to variations in points of contact. FlexSTICK’s unique ability to maintain constant contact with all three surface points, makes it an innovative leader in today’s assistive walking devices market.

The FlexSTICK™ was created by physical therapist Randy Misenheimer, to address the stability, balance and comfort issues inherently found with traditional walking cane usage. FlexSTICKS™ solves the problems other canes don’t by offering real solutions.

 Free Standing

FlexSTICK easily stands on balance ball.  One of the greatest concerns for cane users is the pote
HurryCane vs. FlexSTICK which one stands alone?ntial loss of balance when reaching or bending over to retrieve their cane.   The FlexSTICK™ is designed to function as a free-standing cane, which remains upright on a wide variety of surfaces including grass, gravel, cracked pavement, bricks, carpet, wood floors, tile, and natural walkways. We put our product to the test in unconventional ways, just to make our point.  The FlexSTICK easily stands upright on a balance ball.  The HurryCane cannot stand atop this ball.

Contrary to the HurryCane’s claim of being a free-standing assistive walking device, it easily topples over on uneven or non-hard surfaces such as carpet. This is an assertion the HurryCane® freely makes, but cannot support when put to basic tests. Zoomworks, LLC, the marketing company which created the HurryCane, invested $33 million in 2013 to promote this message, but the HurryCane’s own warning tag, which comes with the product, clearly states - 

HurryCane Warning Tag -

Although the HurryCane® is famous for providing superior stability on any terrain, it won’t stand alone on dangerous uneven surfaces like these:HurryCane Warning Tag

  •  Plush Carpet
  • Throw Rugs
  • Uneven Wood Floors

Although advertised as the “Stand-Alone Cane,” that’s not standing alone, is it? Many FlexSTICK™ customers come to us as a result of the disappointing performance of the HurryCane®. We have developed a product that delivers the quality consumers expect and deserve, and they are saying really nice things about us. See these reviews! We hope you’ll become a satisfied customer too.  Remember - We have a money back guarantee!

Pssst!  It doesn't come with a warning tag.                      

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