#1 Tip for Walking Better with Crutches

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Crutch FlexTIP gives your crutch an ankle

Having to walk with a set of crutches can be a real pain in itself whether you are recovering from surgery. A great way to take some of the pain out of the crutch experience is with the new Crutch FlexTIP.

FlexTIP provides 3 Degrees of Movement found in no other crutch or cane tip.

  1. The spring Bends/Flexes like an ankle to provide full contact of the tip surface area with the walking surface.
  2. It Absorbs the Shock of crutch impact with the ground, sparing your hands & arms from the repetitive pounding of walking on crutches.
  3. An integral 'Lazy-Susan' design allows infinite Rotation of the upper section of the crutch relative to the bottom tip surface. This allows the user to plant the crutch firmly on the ground while smoothly turning to change directions.

This results are unmatched Stability, Comfort and Control while using a Crutch FlexTIP.  The Crutch FlexTIP will last longer than regular tips as the amount of wear is greatly reduced since the entire surface engages the ground and the tip surface remains stationary even as the upper section of the crutch rotates.

The current Crutch FlexTIP model fits 7/8" diameter crutches with a complete round circumference, i.e. non-truncated diameters. For cuff canes or forearm crutches with 3/4" OD, the regular FlexTIP for canes will fit. Both tips are available on Amazon.

Crutch FlexTIP

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