Introducing the FlexTIP!

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Our feet are able to articulate to remain flat on the ground surface because our ankles enable them to adjust as we move about our world.  

Traditional walking canes don't have 'ankles'. They may provide good grip on the walking surface when the cane tip is normal to the ground. Most of the time; however, only an edge of the tip actually contacts the surface. As canes tilt throughout a normal gait cycle, little gripping surface remains in contact with the ground which often results in slips and falls.

The FlexTIP design solves this slipping issue, resulting in the most stable and comfortable single point cane ever made!  Our feet are able to articulate to stay flat on the ground surface because we have ankles that enable them to adjust as we move about our world. With our new TIP, we use a spring that ‘flexes’ like the old 'Slinky' toy we played with as kids. It allows the bottom of the tip to remain in full contact with the walking surface as the cane tilts while you move through your walking gait. In the middle of the spring is a metal shaft that holds the top and bottom of the tip together.

It is much like a leg - with a bone in the middle (shaft) surrounded by flexible ligaments and muscles (the spring). That's how we designed our FlexTIP!

The FlexTIP adjusts to the ground surface even tilted at a very large angle; plus, it freely pivots in all directions / any angle – Front/Back – Left/Right or anywhere in between, it tilts all direction – A full 360˚ circle!  



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