Overview of Our Walking Solutions!

Posted on December 10, 2018 by Jamie Jordan

Introducing the new members of our FlexTIP Family. 

Flextip family walking cane tips rainbow

Our FlexTIP Family offers the best ‘state-of-the-art’ technology in a variety of base configurations to help with virtually any condition.  And, they fit most every standard ¾” diameter walking cane, enabling even an old wooden stick cane to be upgraded to the best modern standard!  We now have three versions of FlexTIP walking cane tips, plus one for crutches and our original product, FlexSTICK Walking Cane

Why so many? 

Answer:  Because, there are almost as many varieties of walking conditions as there are people and no one solution fits everyone.  People using canes may be recovering from surgery or simply dealing with pain.  Or, they may have lost feeling in a leg or be balance compromised for a variety of reasons.  And, there may be a combination of several different conditions.  Some folks lean strongly on their cane with every step, while others carry one in the event they slip or lose balance with little to no weight on it much of the time.  Simply put, there is not one solution that fits every user/every condition.

tilting flextipFlexTIP – Adding a FlexTIP to your walking cane is like adding an ankle with a full rotating ‘lazy-Susan’ and shock-absorption.  In addition to absorbing shock, it bends/flexes and rotates as you turn your handle, while the bottom portion of the TIP remains fixed on the ground.  You can use it to lift your self from a sitting position, stand and turn without the bottom section ever moving.  All FlexTIPs for canes fit a standard cane ¾” diameter cane shaft.

FlexTIP-TLC - The regular FlexTIP, plus a larger 5” tip to tip, base with Three TLC cane standing sidewalkRubber tips.  The TLC is a true free-standing cane, which means it doesn’t just stand on TV commercials, but actually stands when you let go of it!  Stands on thick, soft carpet and even some sloped surfaces. The TLC provides significant stability with 3-points of contact.         FlexTIP-TLC-Mini – The regular FlexTIP plus a 3” tip to tip, one-piece rubber tripod base.  The TLC-Mini stands on solid, flat surfaces, but, not in a heavy wind!  The ‘Mini’ gives more surface area on the ground than the regular FT and less than the TLC. 

Crutch-FlexTIP (C-FT)The regular FT with 7/8” diameter upper section to accommodate most crutch shafts and a stronger spring.  The C-FT enhances the stability of crutches while providing shock-absorption making crutch use easier on the under-arms, hands & wrists.  Forearm crutch users will particularly enjoy the added mobility as the user has more freedom to turn with weight on the crutch since the TIP rotates freely while weight is applied. 

FlexSTICK – Provides excellent stability with three independent shock absorbing legs.  The legs grip the ground like a ‘grappling hook’ regardless of ground surface irregularities and the handle is ‘locked’ into the base, which gives users the feeling of having a ‘handle attached to the ground’.  This is a great product for people with significant balance compromised conditions.  The FlexSTICK has a very unique ‘feel’ due to the multiple shock-absorbing legs, so, people transitioning from other canes must become accustomed to it. Users tell us that the FlexSTICK is like adding ‘All-Wheel-Drive to their cane’! 

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