What's the Best Cane for Me?

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FlexTIP Family walking cane tips

QUESTION:  Why do you have so many choices? 

ANSWER - We know that everyone is unique and there is no 'one size fits all' solution.  

Our FlexTIP & FlexSTICK patented technologies provide unmatched 'state-of-the-art' solutions for maximum stability, comfort & control. Below, we'll describe what is unique about each design style.

FlexTIPs - We offer three cane styles, plus one for crutches. All four styles: 

  • Bend/Flex
  • Absorb Shock
  • Rotate

Providing you with:  Better Traction, Reduced Pain & Control.

Cane FlexTIPs  fit 3/4" (19 mm) canes - hollow metal or solid wood canes.  A spacer is used for solid wood canes - provided with tip order.  The spacer provides room for the connecting screw to expand when the TIP is compressed, protecting the bottom of the wood cane.  Note some length is added to overall cane length with addition of FlexTIP, 
  1. Regular Round FlexTIP - There is nothing 'Plain-Jane' about this tip, except it looks almost 'Plain-Jane'.  While looking much like a regular tip, FlexTIP round regular walking canethis version will significantly upgrade your 'ride'. This is the most popular style, at least for now.  Adds approximately 1.25" (32 mm) to the height of cane. Tip diameter = 1.75" (44.5 mm).
  2. FlexTIP Mini TLC - The bottom of the 'Mini' is a tripod shape of soft, pliable rubber.  The advantage of this model is the edges of the tip are very FlexTIP TLC Mini walking cane tip'forgiving' of uneven surfaces, acting much like 'toes on a foot'.  It gives a softer, more comfortable feel in addition to better grip.  We highly recommend this model for people who walk long distances.  Yep! We are working on a hiking stick model!  Also adds 1.25" (32 mm) to the height of your cane.  The Mini will stand on hard, flat surfaces, but, it stands no better than the Hurrycane. If 'Free-Standing' is important, consider the TLC.
  3. FlexTIP TLC - The 'TLC' stands for Tri-Leg-Cane that gives you TLC.  This FlexTIP TLC walking cane tipmodel has a fiber reinforced plastic tripod base with 3 rubber tips at each leg. The footprint size is 5" (127 mm) tip to tip.  This is the Premier model for stability and Convenience.  With a larger base, it easily stands on its own making it great for people who want their cane to stand next to their chair.  The TLC & FlexSTICK are excellent alternatives to clumsy quad canes as they eliminate wobble when walking and are lightweight.


Crutch-FlexTIP (C-FT)Fit crutches with full circle 7/8” diameter.  Has a 25% stiffer spring than the cane TIPs.  The C-FT enhances the stability of crutches while providing shock-absorption making crutch use easier on the under-arms, hands & wrists.  Forearm crutch users / cuff cane users will particularly enjoy the added mobility as the user has more freedom to turn with weight on the crutch since the TIP rotates freely while weight is applied. Note - Some forearm crutches & cuff canes have 3/4" shafts and the regular cane TIPs will fit.  If you need the stiffer spring on the cane tip, call or email us & we can custom assemble with stiffer spring.

FlexSTICK – Provides the most stability on uneven terrain with its three iFlexSTICK walking cane black basendependent shock absorbing legs. Key difference between FlexTIP & STICK is the FlexSTICK handle does not rotate free of the base.  As such, the legs grip the ground like a ‘grappling hook’ regardless of ground surface irregularities and the handle is ‘locked’ into the base, which gives users the feeling of having a ‘handle attached to the ground’.  Great solution for people with significant balance compromised conditions.  Customers tell us that the FlexSTICK is like adding ‘All-Wheel-Drive to their cane’! 

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