Avoiding Falls on Ice & Snow!

Falls on Ice - Get a FlexSTICK

Avoiding falls should be a mindset we follow in any season.  However, the grip of winter can be relentless as it wraps the landscape in blankets of snow for days, weeks or months on end.  Nature’s icy coverings causes all of us to lose our grip at times as we attempt to navigate across various forms of frozen H2O.   These mishaps result in varying degrees of bumps, bruises, broken bones. Even death can result from a slip on the ice.  Everyone suffers from balance loss in slippery conditions.  As such, it is a very good idea to use something to lean on when walking in icy, precarious conditions.  A hiking stick or walking cane can literally be a life saver when used in these conditions.  When one walks normally, picking one foot up and placing it in front of the other, they are left vulnerable to a slip as only one foot has contact with the ground surface.  Any sideways movement on these slippery surfaces will most likely result in a fall.  Maintaining a second point of contact in addition to the stationary foot can prevent the slip from happening or enable you to regain your balance without a fall!

While anything is better than nothing, not all canes and sticks have been created equal.  This is why we have  gained many new customers after they have taken a serious spill because their cane or stick slipped on a slick or loose surface.

 As the above video demonstrates, the FlexSTICK provides not just one; but, three additional points of contact with the ground giving the user increased confidence as they walk across all types of ground surfaces.  Besides snow and ice, regular walking canes often slip on slick wet surfaces and on loose surfaces, such as gravel or rock.

The FlexSTICK also provides another great benefit as it is a true free standing cane.  It is very convenient to be able to release the FlexSTICK to do things like open a door, reach in your purse or pocket, take off or put on a glove or jacket.  See how well the FlexSTICK stands by itself in this video. Click HERE to view free standing video comparison.              Shop for FlexSTICKS Now!

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